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Headquarter / Postal address
bbTech burkert & burkert
technologie GmbH
Nordstraße 23
09661 Rossau
E-Mail: info@bb-tech.biz
Telefon: +49 (37 27) 6 29 10 13
Telefax: +49 (37 27) 6 29 10 14
Nuremberg Office
Sigmundstraße 155
90431 Nürnberg
Mittweida Plant
Leipziger Straße 42
09648 Mittweida

Our activities are divided into two departments:

Information technology

The division has existed since 1999 and today mainly offers software solutions for electronics manufacturing. We program complete machines, design and implement MES interfaces and are active in the area of material logistics. In addition, programming in classic areas of application with C # and web technologies also has a permanent place.


The division was founded in 2006 and produces edged parts up to 3200mm in length, complete assemblies and system solutions made of aluminum, steel, stainless steel and other sheet metal. The program is rounded off with designs made from item profiles. Our customers come from the construction industry, industry, craft and medical technology.

As joint products, we offer manual workplaces for testing, assembly and handling in production. Also in ESD version and with active user guidance.

How do aluminum processing and information technology fit together? We mean quite well. And not just because it is our family business.

Take a look around and convince yourself of our capabilities. Do you have questions, suggestions or criticism? Then contact us.

Kind regards from Saxony

Your bbTech team