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Headquarter / Postal address
bbTech burkert & burkert
technologie GmbH
Nordstraße 23
09661 Rossau
E-Mail: info@bb-tech.biz
Telefon: +49 (37 27) 6 29 10 13
Telefax: +49 (37 27) 6 29 10 14
Nuremberg Office
Sigmundstraße 155
90431 Nürnberg
Mittweida Plant
Leipziger Straße 42
09648 Mittweida

The Aluminium department supplies customer-specific solutions made of aluminium, steel, copper and stainless steel sheets, Dibond, Alucobond and other composite materials as well as constructions, assemblies and semi-finished products made of aluminium profiles.

We want to try to give you an overview of the possibilities of our production. Since we design and manufacture many things specifically for our customers, we recommend placing your requirements on us in a special case and obtaining a specific offer. We can usually present this to you in 1-2 work days.