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Material logistics as the key to greater efficiency

Modern logistics within production is inconceivable without adequate software support. Material logistics in electronics production must meet various requirements:

  • Flexible production lines
  • Small lot sizes
  • High product variance
  • Comprehensive traceability of raw material and finished products
  • High demands of the components (e.g. Moisture Sensitive Devices - MSD)

These requirements can be met by using modern material management systems. We advise you in the conception of your material management.


Material management systems are highly networked with other systems:

  • ERP system
  • Warehouse management
  • Paternoster and storage cupboards
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Automated Guided Vehicles - Automatic transport systems

We advise you on the implementation of interfaces. If required, we can also implement these interfaces for you or together with you or your software partner.